CORE Connect: Sparks Awareness at TUP Manila


One CoreDev IT (CORE) recently joined the Technological University of the Philippines’ (TUP) 122nd Foundation Anniversary on December 12 to 16, 2023 at their Manila campus. Given the opportunity as one of the university’s technology partners, we were able to engage and connect with the TUPian community last December 13, which paved the way for our CORE Connect: University Fair initiative to be finally launched. 

Introducing CORE Connect: University Fair at TUP Manila 

As part of our ongoing efforts to elevate our brand as an Employer of Record (EOR), our CORE Connect: University Fair campaign has an objective to position CORE as a go-to resource for students’ future employment endeavors. By engaging with students during our university caravans, we hope to establish a valuable connection with the schools and their students, showcasing career opportunities at CORE and providing insights into their career paths and professional development. 

Commencing our CORE Connect: University Fair project at TUP Manila last December 13, our teams, mainly the Talent Acquisition department, joined forces in setting up our booth at the campus field. We prepared company merchandise to distribute as freebies to students and faculty personnel, especially those who engaged or interacted with our team. Aside from the discussions, we also brought out the fun as we set up our own TikTok stand where students can enjoy by posting any dance challenge with a reward for those who participated.

CORE CONNECT TEAM standing next to the table getting ready for University Fair

A Thumbs Up from TUP Manila Students 

Gladly, our efforts in organizing this kind of activity for the TUPians generated a handful of interest and positive feedback. According to our team onsite at the event, TUPians provided several positive comments, particularly appreciative of our organized booth and the unique and useful freebies given to them. The students also highlighted the approachability of our CORE team, detailing how we took the time to enlighten them about career paths, opportunities, and other questions they had in mind. 

These warm and positive responses from TUP Manila students serve as encouragement for us, knowing that our very first university fair was a success. Therefore, we will continue to persist in our efforts and improve our CORE Connect program as we move on to the next campuses soon. 

a collage of photo of a group of TUP STUDENTS AT CORE CONNECT

What’s Next for CORE Connect: University Fair? 

Following the success of our first CORE Connect: University Fair at TUP Manila, we are now gearing up for the next locations this year. Plans are underway to expand our presence across various campuses, including conducting career talks for students. Continuing this proactive approach aims to further expand our brand’s influence as an EOR business and provide bridges to many students in the country. Ultimately, CORE Connect: University Fair is dedicated to opening doors for students aspiring to build their careers in their chosen fields with the support of our expertise as an EOR. 

CORE Team standing next to a table getting ready for CORE CONNECT

Empower Your Career Forward With CORE 

At CORE, our commitment lies in opening doors for promising students and professional candidates. We meticulously create our job openings to cater to a diverse range of skills, from software engineers to business analysts. This ensures that individuals at varying career stages, from entry-level professionals to seasoned experts, can find positions that perfectly align with their career goals. Moreover, our focus on offering opportunities and fostering a thriving work environment not only benefits our future employees but also contributes to their professional growth. 

Take your career to new heights by aligning yourself with the right company, such as One CoreDev IT (CORE). We offer enticing job opportunities and comprehensive talent solutions spanning back-office support, project management, software development, and more. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us today

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