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About CORE Employer of Record

CORE excels in bridging the gap between global organizations and Filipino talent, offering seamless solutions for international recruitment needs. Whether it’s navigating legal complexities, managing payroll and benefits, or providing ongoing support, CORE serves as a dependable ally in achieving workforce goals and succeeding in a competitive global landscape.  

Moreover, what sets CORE apart is its deep-rooted Filipino experience and foundation, providing invaluable insight into local market dynamics and cultural nuances. This expertise makes CORE a trusted partner for global clients expanding into the Philippines, leveraging its network to ensure access to qualified candidates and compliance with local regulations, thereby mitigating risks and ensuring smooth operations. 

Using CORE’s Employer of Record services is a strategic choice for global companies seeking to tap into the rich pool of Filipino talent while minimizing administrative hassles and legal complexities. CORE excels in facilitating seamless solutions for international recruitment needs, ensuring that clients can swiftly and efficiently hire skilled professionals without the burden of establishing a legal entity in the Philippines.  

With CORE as your partner, you can trust that your recruitment process will be handled with expertise and efficiency. From navigating intricate legal requirements to managing payroll and benefits, CORE provides comprehensive support every step of the way. 

Legal Compliance: CORE ensures strict adherence to local labor laws and regulations, providing peace of mind and safeguarding against potential legal issues.

Risk Mitigation: By entrusting workforce management to CORE, companies can mitigate legal and financial risks associated with global operations, ensuring smooth and compliant operations. 

Time and Cost Efficiency: With CORE handling administrative tasks such as payroll and compliance, businesses save valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on core activities and strategic growth initiatives. 

Talent Acquisition: CORE offers access to a diverse pool of Filipino talent across various roles and industries, enabling businesses to find the right candidates quickly and efficiently. 

Flexibility: CORE’s services enable businesses to scale their workforce up or down swiftly in response to changing market demands or business needs, providing unparalleled flexibility and agility. 

Employee Retention: Beyond recruitment, CORE goes the extra mile by offering employee engagement programs designed to cultivate a fulfilling work environment. By prioritizing employee satisfaction and well-being, CORE helps businesses retain top talent and foster long-term success. 

  1. Consultation: We’ll discuss your business and tailor our services for you. 
  2. Talent Sourcing: Let us know your hiring needs, and we’ll handle sourcing and recruitment steps. 
  3. Onboarding: We’ll manage the onboarding process and ensure seamless integration for new hires. 
  4. Ongoing Support: From payroll to IT assistance, we provide continuous support and nurture your employees. 
  5. Regular Monitoring: Stay connected as we ensure smooth operations and implement feedback-driven improvements. 

Whether it’s startups embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, SMEs aiming for sustainable growth, multinational corporations navigating complex global expansions, or businesses seeking to streamline their international operations, CORE’s Employer of Record (EOR) services offer invaluable support. 

In terms of industries, CORE is well-equipped to assist organizations across various fields, ensuring seamless compliance and effective workforce management in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

An Employer of Record (EOR) such as CORE offers a comprehensive service, overseeing the entire employment process, including meticulous attention to legal compliance. On the other hand, staffing agencies primarily concentrate on recruitment, typically not assuming the comprehensive responsibilities associated with the complete employment relationship.

With CORE as a partner, employers maintain significant control over day-to-day tasks, project management, and strategic decision-making concerning their operations in the Philippines, while CORE takes charge of managing legal and administrative aspects, ensuring compliance.

CORE’s EOR services establish a formal employment relationship, ensuring compliance, benefits, and a long-term commitment from the hired talent. In contrast, independent contractors operate as self-employed individuals, typically engaged for specific projects without the traditional employer-employee relationship provided by EOR services.

While the contractor or “salary disbursement only” service focuses primarily on paying contractors, the full-service EOR option is a comprehensive solution that includes employee management from a legal, financial, and benefits perspective.

Contractor Salary Disbursement Only: 

  • Primary Service: The main function of this service is to disburse salaries or payments to contractors on behalf of the company. The contractors remain self-employed or freelance individuals. 
  • Tax Compliance: The contractor is generally responsible for their own tax filings and payments. The EOR merely ensures the contractor gets paid. 
  • Benefits: The contractors typically don’t receive benefits like health insurance, paid leave, or retirement contributions through this service. 
  • Local Compliance: The EOR might not handle local labor law compliance, as the workers are not considered to be full-time employees. This can be both an advantage (more flexibility) and a disadvantage (potential legal risks) for companies. 
  • Simplicity: This service is straightforward and is mainly focused on ensuring contractors get their due payments on time. It’s typically less comprehensive and might be suited for businesses with less complex needs or those working mainly with freelance workers. 

Full-Service EOR: 

  • Primary Service: Beyond disbursing salaries, a full-service EOR is the local employer for the company’s employees in the Philippines. This means that on paper, employees are hired by the EOR, even though they work for the company. 
  • Tax Compliance: The EOR manages the withholding and payment of taxes for the employees, ensuring compliance with local tax laws. 
  • Benefits: A full-service EOR can provide employees with locally compliant benefits packages, including health insurance, pension contributions, and more. This can be crucial for attracting and retaining talent. 
  • Local Compliance: The EOR will ensure adherence to local employment laws, from contracts to termination procedures. This can significantly reduce the risk of legal issues or disputes. 
  • Comprehensive Solution: Full-service EORs offer a holistic employment solution, which can be especially valuable for companies without a local HR or legal team. They handle a range of duties, including onboarding, payroll, benefits management, and compliance, offering peace of mind to businesses. 

Pricing and Costs

Our pricing structure is carefully designed to deliver comprehensive HR support while maximizing the value of your investment. For specific pricing details tailored to your needs, we encourage you to schedule a call with our team.

Our service structure is designed to be straightforward, with no hidden fees. However, we do offer optional services such as healthcare benefits and employee engagement activities. These additional benefits are available should you opt to provide them to your employees, and the costs will vary based on your choices. Rest assured, we believe in providing clear and upfront pricing information for all our services, including these optional offerings.

We utilize an in-house system to send detailed invoices to our clients. These invoices typically outline the specific services provided, such as Payroll and Benefits (Salary of Engaged Employee) and CORE Management Services (EOR Fee). Additionally, each invoice includes a unique invoice number, date, payment terms, and wiring instructions, ensuring clarity and ease of payment for our clients.

Payroll and Benefits

We employ an in-house system specifically tailored to oversee our payroll processes. This ensures meticulous accuracy in payroll calculations while also ensuring full compliance with the laws and regulations set forth by the Philippine government.

Employees of our clients reap a multitude of advantages when managed by CORE, an Employer of Record (EOR): 

  • Legal Compliance: CORE ensures strict adherence to Philippine labor laws, safeguarding employees’ legal rights and benefits. 
  • Government-Mandated Benefits: We expertly manage mandatory contributions and benefits such as the Social Security System (SSS), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and the PAG-IBIG Fund. These provide employees with extensive social security, health coverage, and housing finance benefits. 
  • Health Insurance (HMO): In addition to PhilHealth, CORE can facilitate comprehensive health insurance plans, offering additional healthcare coverage to ensure employees have access to quality medical care. 
  • 13th-Month Pay: The 13th-month pay, a statutory benefit in the Philippines, is reliably managed and distributed to employees by CORE. 
  • Reliable Payroll Management: CORE is responsible for the accurate and timely processing of salaries, ensuring employees are paid correctly and on schedule. 
  • HR Support: We offer professional support for all HR-related concerns, providing a stable and responsive point of contact for employees. 
  • Enhanced Job Security: Being part of a well-managed, compliant employment structure like CORE often enhances employees’ sense of job security. 
  • Employee Engagement: CORE actively promotes a positive work environment through various engagement initiatives, such as regular communication, feedback mechanisms, and programs aimed at maintaining employee motivation and connection, thereby boosting job satisfaction and productivity. 

Partnering with CORE ensures employees enjoy a secure, compliant, and professionally managed employment experience, complete with all entitled benefits, comprehensive support, and a focus on health and engagement in the workplace. 

Considering the challenges that an international employer might face in providing such benefits, CORE’s expertise becomes invaluable in ensuring seamless and effective benefit management. 

Yes, there are additional costs associated with statutory benefits such as SSS (Social Security System), PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation), and Pag-IBIG (Home Development Mutual Fund) in the Philippines. These costs are typically shared between the employer and the employee, and they are mandatory contributions to provide social security, health insurance, and housing-related benefits.

HR Compliance

We stay abreast of the latest developments and amendments in local labor laws and regulations. This ensures that our practices remain in strict accordance with Philippine legislation. Our approach involves managing various facets of employment, including payroll, tax withholdings, and benefits, all of which are executed in full compliance with Philippine laws. Additionally, we oversee the creation and management of employment contracts, monitor working hours, establish leave policies, and handle other legal requirements to align seamlessly with local standards. 

By proactively staying informed and implementing best practices, CORE guarantees that our clients can confidently navigate the complex landscape of Philippine labor laws while focusing on their core business objectives.

Philippine Labor Code: This comprehensive legislation governs various aspects of employment relationships, including working conditions, wages, benefits, termination procedures, and employee rights.  

Social Security Act and Health Insurance Act: These laws mandate contributions to social security and health insurance schemes for employees. As an employer, it’s crucial to understand your obligations regarding employee contributions and ensure compliance with these statutory requirements to safeguard the well-being of your workforce. 

Tax Regulations: This includes accurately withholding and remitting taxes on employee wages and benefits as required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Staying updated on tax regulations and fulfilling your tax obligations is vital to avoid potential penalties or legal issues. 

Report the issue to our Human Resources team, providing details and documentation. CORE will investigate and, if necessary, take appropriate corrective actions in accordance with labor laws and the terms of the employment agreement.

CORE manages the termination process in compliance with local laws. We ensure proper notice periods, severance pay (if applicable), and other legal requirements are met, and handle the necessary paperwork and communication with the employee.

At CORE, we’ve successfully assisted clients in transitioning their contractors into full-time employees within their organizations. Our EOR services offer a comprehensive solution for seamlessly migrating contractors to full-time employment, prioritizing compliance, security, and employee well-being throughout the process. 

Here’s how our EOR services benefit both employers and employees: 

  • Government Compliance: With CORE, contractors can trust that all government remittances and taxes are managed accurately and in full compliance with Philippine labor laws. This alleviates administrative burdens for employers and ensures adherence to legal obligations. 
  • Employment Security: Transitioning to formal employment offers contractors enhanced job security within a structured employment framework. This instills trust and provides a stable and secure work environment for employees. 
  • Healthcare Benefits: Recognizing the importance of healthcare, our EOR services include access to healthcare benefits for employees. This underscores employers’ commitment to their employees’ well-being and aids in attracting and retaining top talent. 
  • Employee Engagement: CORE specializes in fostering employee engagement, creating a positive and motivating work environment. Engaged employees are more productive and contribute significantly to the overall success of organizations.


  • Verification of necessary documents and information  
  • Setting up payroll, benefits, and legal documentation  
  • Orientation on company policies and procedures  


  • Handling exit interviews and feedback. 
  • Ensuring return of company property. 
  • Managing final payments, including any owed benefits or severance. 

Choosing an Employer of Record (EOR) Over Outsourcing

An EOR is more cost-effective because it eliminates the middleman fees often associated with outsourcing. With an EOR, you directly hire employees, which means you can set budgets that align with your actual needs rather than being tied to fixed hourly rates. This model also helps reduce overhead costs related to HR, payroll, and legal compliance, as the EOR handles these aspects efficiently.

An EOR provides flexibility and scalability that outsourcing cannot match. With an EOR, you can quickly adjust your workforce size based on your current project demands without the long-term commitments or the hassle of managing employment contracts. This makes it easier to scale up or down as your business needs change.

An EOR gives you direct access to a broader specialized talent pool. Unlike outsourcing, where you might face limitations on skill levels due to fixed rates, an EOR allows you to compensate for high-level expertise competitively. This means you can attract and retain top talent that fits your project requirements.

EORs conduct thorough three-stage interviews to assess candidates’ skills, cultural fit, and suitability for the position. This comprehensive screening process ensures that only candidates who match your requirements are forwarded for the final interview stages, leading to higher-quality hires and reducing the likelihood of attrition.

CORE’s EOR focus on building long-term relationships with each hire, contributing to lower attrition rates. By providing a supportive work environment, competitive compensation, and professional development opportunities, CORE’s EOR help ensure employees are satisfied and engaged, reducing the likelihood of turnover.

An EOR manages all employment-related needs, including HR administration, payroll, taxes, compliance with local employment laws, and implementing monitoring systems to measure results. This comprehensive support allows you to focus on core business activities while ensuring your employment practices are efficient and compliant.

CORE adopts a consultative recruiting strategy as an EOR. We start by understanding your needs, posting the job listing, sourcing candidates, and screening resumes. Only the candidates who best fit your requirements are forwarded for the next stage of the interview process. This tailored approach ensures you get the right talent while saving time and resources in hiring. 

Choosing an EOR like CORE benefits you from cost-effectiveness, scalability, access to specialized skills, and a comprehensive support system designed to meet your employment needs while fostering long-term success and growth. 

Applicants and Recruitment

Visit our website’s Careers page to explore all job openings at One CoreDev IT. Utilize filters for location, job type, or keywords to find a suitable position related to your skills and expertise. Follow the prompts to complete your application and be sure to upload your updated CV. 

NOTE: Please apply only for roles that match your qualifications. Applying for positions beyond your expertise may not be beneficial and could potentially attract the recruiting team’s attention for the wrong reasons. We encourage you to submit your profile directly to a relevant and advertised open position. This targeted approach ensures that your application is aligned with the specific requirements of the role, maximizing your potential for consideration.

If you’re unable to find a specific role that aligns with your skills, don’t worry. You can still take proactive steps by submitting a general application through our general profile feature. By sharing your details, you ensure that your information is accessible to our recruitment team. As our company continues to expand, there’s a high likelihood that future opportunities aligned with your skills and experience may arise. We’ll reach out to you when a fitting opportunity becomes available, allowing us to match your skills with our ongoing needs.

With your CV/resume ready, completing our online application form is a quick and straightforward process, typically taking just a few minutes.

Please submit an up-to-date copy of your CV/resume. This will enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your professional background and experiences. You may also include a cover letter if you wish to share additional information.

After submitting your resume, you will promptly receive a ‘Thank You’ message, confirming that your application is in process. Simultaneously, a system-generated email will acknowledge the receipt of your application. If your candidate profile aligns with the specific requirements of a position, a recruiter will reach out to you promptly. 

For those who created a general profile, there’s a chance of being matched with open positions that align with your qualifications. In such cases, a recruiter may contact you as new opportunities arise, ensuring that you stay informed about potential matches.

Step 1: Online Application  

Apply through our online application form, providing details about your skills and experience. Attach your resume for accurate form completion. If your qualifications match the job, we may contact you for an interview. 

Step 2: Interview with a Recruiter  

Initial interviews with our HR team assess your suitability and availability. You might be required to complete job-specific assessments or tech challenges, and eligibility details are discussed. This is also your opportunity to ask questions. If qualified, your application advances to the hiring manager. 

Step 3: Interviews with Client Hiring Manager and Team Members  

Shortlisted candidates will meet the client’s hiring manager, usually online, and additional interviews may follow. Utilize this opportunity to understand the role and seek clarification. Be prepared! 

Step 4: Offer of Employment  

If you’re the best fit, you’ll receive an offer of employment. Talent Acquisition, in partnership with our HR team, will thoroughly discuss benefits, pre-employment requirements, and address any HR-related inquiries. 

Step 5: Pre-Employment Onboarding  

Fulfill pre-employment requirements and prepare for the onboarding process. This period is also ideal for those needing time to transition from their current role. 

Step 6: Onboarding at One CoreDev IT  

New employees undergo an onboarding and orientation program to seamlessly integrate into the client’s team from day one. 

When you apply for a position at CORE, your profile is carefully reviewed in accordance with the qualifications for the specific job you’ve applied for. If you have an interest in multiple positions, please apply to each one separately. If we identify you as a potential candidate for another role, you can expect to receive an email from us to confirm your interest. 

When open positions are marked as ‘closed,’ it means that these positions are kept open until they are successfully filled. Once a position is filled, it will be promptly removed from the website. However, unless indicated as ‘Pooling,’ positions will be closed upon fulfillment.

One CoreDev IT maintains primary offices in Metro Manila. For the precise location of our main office, please visit our website.

If you encounter any challenges during the application process, feel free to reach out to talentacquisition@onecoredevit.com for assistance.

Stay informed about job opportunities by subscribing to our newsletters, job alerts, or following our social media channels for regular updates.

For insights into the culture at CORE, explore our vibrant #CORECommunity activities on platforms like Facebook and TikTok. For a deeper understanding of who we are, visit the “About Us” or “Careers” pages on our website. 

How can I sign up with CORE?

Fill out the form below so we can discuss your requirements in detail.

How can I sign up with CORE?

Fill out the form below so we can discuss your requirements in detail.

Want to be part of our team?

We’re always on the lookout for new talents! Be part of our growing community of CORE professionals and apply today!

Want to be part of our team?

We’re always on the lookout for new talents! Be part of our growing community of CORE professionals and apply today!

Want to be part of our team?

We’re always on the lookout for new talents! Be part of our growing community of CORE professionals and apply today!

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