CORE Connect: Fostering Employment Opportunities at Lica Malls

CORE Job Fair Team

On March 21, 2024, Lica Malls 500 Shaw in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, hosted a job fair in which One CoreDev IT (CORE) actively participated. This event provided us with an invaluable opportunity to interact and connect with skilled job seekers, mainly the tech workforce, offering them employment openings and leaving an impression about our company.  

Moreover, participating in the event serves as a continuation of our proactive approach to expanding our brand as an Employer of Record (EOR) company in the Philippines. It allowed us to present our expertise and comprehensive solutions to prospective attendees. 

Bringing CORE Job Opportunities at Lica Malls 500 Shaw 

Aside from promoting our company as an EOR provider, our primary aim was to spotlight the wide array of job opportunities we offer to tech enthusiasts and other skilled professionals while also forging real connections with them in person. We wanted to bring a personal touch to our recruitment efforts. 

In addition to promoting CORE as a top employer in the tech sector, we were equally focused on fostering a vibrant workplace culture that would naturally attract top talent. Our Talent Acquisition (TA) team, spearheading this initiative, worked closely with Lica Land officials to ensure a smooth and efficient participation process at the job fair held at Lica Malls 500 Shaw. 

Once the groundwork was laid, our team set up our booth on the ground floor, surrounded by various other businesses. We made sure to deck out our space with company merchandise and informative flyers, giving attendees a tangible glimpse into our company culture and career opportunities. To make things even easier for attendees and to draw more traffic to our booth, we implemented a QR Code registration system with an exciting prize incentive. The result? Our booth saw a steady stream of interested individuals throughout the event, eager to learn more about what we have to offer. 

In essence, our participation in the event wasn’t just about marketing ourselves. It was about engaging with potential candidates in a meaningful way and showcasing why CORE is a fantastic place to work. 

CORE Job Fair Event Hits the Mark of Success 

After the job fair ended, we received a positive number of applications from over a hundred employee prospects who attended the event. This outcome serves as a learning experience and motivation to continue and improve our “CORE Connect” initiative even more. We will carry on and provide many prospective workers with opportunities while having a great experience at our future hiring events! 

CORE Job Fair Team

Where to Go Next for the CORE Job Fair?  

The positive result of the job fair at Lica Malls 500 Shaw fuels our determination to pursue our project of offering opportunities for aspiring professionals. We are eagerly taking steps to expand our reach by participating in various job fair events across the country. It will be announced on our social media platforms. Additionally, this endeavor ensures to open doors and welcome numerous talents to join our CORE community soon. 

Ignite Your Career Path with CORE  

Our focus is on creating pathways for talented individuals seeking employment, achieved through our tailored hiring events. By customizing job opportunities to fit individual skill sets, we empower candidates to pursue career paths aligned with their goals. This proactive approach ensures a smooth transition into our dynamic workplace, where we actively support their professional growth. 

CORE Job Fair Team

Select a workplace dedicated to empowering your career journey. At One CoreDev IT (CORE), we offer various job openings and top-notch talent solutions, including back-office support, project management, software development, clinical research, and more. Contact us today for any inquiries!  

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