8 Ways on How To Improve Your Data Entry Skills

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Data entry is one of the in-demand professions in the market today, with over 130,894 people for the job in the United States alone. The demand continues to flourish since businesses heavily rely on data to operate efficiently, cater to their customers, or measure their success. So, if you are interested in this role, this blog will inform you what skills are needed for data entry and how to improve on them. 

The Role of Data Entry Job  

In this digital era, nearly 328.77 million terabytes of data are produced daily. This enormous amount of information, especially in businesses, must be carefully maintained and organized as data is an asset for any organization. 

Data entry professionals are responsible for gathering and transcribing accurate information and then updating it on a database. They also organize the database for clear navigation and review the encoded data for any mistakes that need to be corrected. Once everything is in place, the data entry specialist should ensure the safety of the data files and create backups for future purposes.  

Correspondingly, this work requires set of skills to become efficient when entering data into the database.

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8 Data Entry Skills and How to Improve Them   

In this job, you cannot just input data and call it a day. There are skills needed to successfully do and improve as a data entry specialist. Here are some of them: 

1. Tech Knowledge 

Data nowadays is mainly stored and accessed through different technological devices such as smartphones and computers. So, as a data entry professional, you must be proficient in dealing with various tools, software, or devices required for the job. Being proficient in technology will help you be effective in handling, maintaining, and organizing data.  


You can always try and practice using any kind of software or tool and then subsequently adapt the learnings in data entry. Also, search for user guides or watch video tutorials online for better understanding as you exercise using sample data. 

Here are some common software and tools to use: 

2. Excellent Typing 

The job of a data entry professional includes putting in an immense amount of data, which can take a while to finish. To get the job done efficiently, typing accurately fast is the way to do it. This can increase productivity and reduce turnaround times for completing data entry tasks. 


For you to master typing quickly, there are online test sites where you can try and improve your typing skills. Here are some typing tests, tools, and trick sites to check out: 

3. Attention to Details  

This skill is to ensure accuracy, high-quality outputs, avoid costly mistakes, and uphold professionalism. Pouring attention into details directly impacts the quality and reliability of the data being entered and its subsequent use within the organization. If you are not careful, it is easy for small mistakes to slip through the cracks and ruin an entire job or project. Therefore, ensure the data must be correct since it will be an important basis at work.  


  • Pay attention to every piece of data you put on the database to avoid any errors. Concentrating on the task without being distracted by other things is vital to successful work.   
  • To help you put data accurately and boost productivity, there are proofreading tools that you can use, such as Grammarly, PaperPal, Writer, PaperRater, and Typely.  
  • Entering large amounts of data can be overwhelming and cause you to burn out. Remember that it’s okay to take breaks while at work to maintain your attentiveness.  

4. Being Able to Organize  

When it comes to entering all the information into the database, it must be precisely organized. The process of organizing data should go from arranging it in a logical and systematic manner to enhancing its accessibility, accuracy, and usability. Mastering this procedure also improves your organizing skills which can boost your work efficiency and prevent errors. 


  • Create folders for files 
  • Use consistent naming conventions 
  • Categorize and classify data 
  • Follow consistent formatting 
  • Clean and normalize data  
  • Secure and backup data 
  • There are also tools and platforms that can help you organize information, like Zappier, Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Sticky Notes, and Calendars. 

5. Effective Communicator  

Being efficient in communicating is crucial for a data professional because it helps assure productivity and accuracy in collaborating with co-workers. This is a skill that allows you to better comprehend instructions from your superiors and explain information to colleagues.  


  • Understand information correctly to explain data clearly. 
  • Use proper grammar, punctuation, and formatting. 
  • Pay close attention to instructions and requirements. 
  • Ensure written communication is clear, concise, and free of errors.  
  • Seek clarification or feedback as needed. 

6. Data Collection 

When collecting data, you should only search and rely on trustworthy sources to have remarkable results. Collecting accurate data is vital because it serves as the basis for information and provides a reliable foundation for making informed decisions. Incorrect data can lead to a wrong outcome and misinformation within the organization. 


  • Search for many credible sources to gain more insights and information.  
  • Perform fact-checking for accuracy. 
  • Consult your supervisor for guidance. 

7. Long Attention Span  

With a long workday of collecting and putting data, there are times that it is inevitable to zone out. So, as a data entry specialist, having the ability to have a long attention span is crucial when doing tasks for a lengthy period. Being able to focus well for a long period can help you avoid mistakes in the information you put into the database.   


  • Have enough sleep. 
  • Reduce usage of your phone and other distractions. 
  • Take a break if you must since it helps to recuperate the focus of your brain.   

8. Time Management 

The famous “Time is Gold” quote will perpetually be relevant, especially at work. Giving value to time can help you finish tasks and meet deadlines. While there are many rules on how to manage time at work, you can choose an approach that works for you.  


  • Set up your schedule, deadlines, and to-do list per day. 
  • Know what task to prioritize. 
  • Minimize distractions. 
  • Use productivity tools. 
  • Start early as you can to avoid cramming and have a productive day. 

Demand for Data Entry Jobs  

As long as there is data being created and there is a need to manage it, there will always be a space for data entry roles. Currently, there is a steadily high demand for this job position since they are needed in different industries and sectors. Data entry jobs are primarily available for all levels of education, whether you have a high school diploma or a college degree.  

Hiring data entry specialists can provide many benefits to the business. They have the expertise to manage data while ensuring the accuracy and security of this information. Data is the foundation for informed decision-making for businesses to better strategize and become successful in the market. With data entry professionals on board, they will be of help in contributing insights to the organization and solving problems that affect overall operations.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why are data entry skills important in today’s job market?

Data entry skills are crucial in managing the vast amount of information generated daily, especially in businesses. Professionals in this field play a vital role in gathering, transcribing, organizing, and ensuring the accuracy of data, which is essential for informed decision-making and the overall success of an organization.

Q2: What are the key skills needed for effective data entry?

Key skills for data entry include tech knowledge, excellent typing abilities, attention to detail, organizational skills, effective communication, data collection from reliable sources, a long attention span, and time management.

Q3: Why is effective communication essential for data entry professionals?

Effective communication is vital for understanding instructions, collaborating with colleagues, and ensuring accurate data entry. Pay attention to proper grammar, punctuation, and formatting in written communication.

Q4: Why is time management important for data entry professionals?

Time management is crucial to meet deadlines and efficiently complete tasks. Set up a schedule, prioritize tasks, minimize distractions, and use productivity tools to optimize your time while working as a data entry professional.

Q5: How can data entry specialists contribute to the success of businesses?

Data entry specialists contribute by managing data with expertise, ensuring accuracy and security. Their work forms the foundation for informed decision-making, helping businesses strategize and succeed in the market by providing valuable insights and solving operational problems.

Getting the right people for the job is only the beginning of gaining success in business goals. Whether you’re looking for a data entry specialist or other back-office talents, it’s essential to hire people who have the exact skills you require. 

With an Employer of Record (EOR) company like OneCoreDev IT (CORE), we can help you find talents for back-office, project management, and low-code software development. Our services are backed by experienced professionals with years of industry expertise. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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