7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an EOR Company

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Proper systems and order play a big part in a business. Having a streamlined and compliant HR process can automate and make your business more productive. With this, you can achieve a smooth and hassle-free procedure from hiring to payroll processing. 

For a business looking into global expansion, hiring international talent, or branching into new global markets, it’s overwhelming to employ foreign staff in a legal and compliant way. Hence, you must abide by and know all the local employment laws and payroll while fulfilling other employer obligations. This initiative requires business owners to expand and learn more about unfamiliar and foreign labor laws. 

Instead of doing and processing these HR responsibilities yourself, consulting with an Employer of Record (EOR) company would be helpful. Not only can they help ensure compliance with necessary foreign laws, but they also go beyond and streamline your entire hiring process so it’s seamless and efficient.

Before engaging with an EOR partner, you should ask some questions to ensure you and your EOR company are on the same page. Read the list of frequently asked questions below.

7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer of Record (EOR) Partner

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Engaging in a new partnership is daunting, so it helps to list the questions that need clarification before starting. Hopefully, the list below will address the different queries you might have to help you ease into the process.

1. Does the EOR company have a proven track record of success?

Ensure that the Employer of Record company keeps their word when they promise to deliver expert knowledge, honest pricing, and prompt service.

Requesting a prospective partner for a list of past companies they’ve worked with that have similar objectives and qualities, such as budget, sector, and the types of talent, as yours is helpful. Try reading reviews on independent websites, forums, and communities. You can also find contact references that you can question.

Asking for proof of experience is vital, especially since you’ll be delegating important project management tasks to them.

2. Does the employer of record provide international compliance?

Each country has its own labor laws that give employers and employees certain safeguards. These regulations vary from country to country and are always susceptible to change.

Learning about other labor laws is tedious for a company that’s only starting to dip its toes in international waters. As such, businesses must ensure compliance in several areas that an EOR company helps verify and abides by.

3. Do they have enough knowledge of the country I want to operate in?

A good EOR partner has knowledgeable and experienced staff in the markets where you wish to grow or recruit talent. You run the danger of non-compliance, fines, legal bills, and reputational harm if your partner lacks the time or resources to thoroughly understand unfamiliar labor laws and regulations.

As such, you risk compliance if you don’t find an EOR company knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the country you want to operate in.

4. Is pricing transparent with them?

This question gets you a lot of inside information about the company you’re partnering with. When comparing different suppliers, choose a global EOR that’s open about its cost. In addition to their original quotes, they might also charge setup costs, taxes, or termination fees. These added costs are from various factors, such as the target country and the type of people you’re looking for.

For example, software development is a highly niche industry that requires specialization. As such, hiring skilled software developers who bring the same caliber and talent will be challenging, requiring expert services from your partner EOR company. Additionally, they may introduce hidden fees and markups later, changing your budget and affecting multiple departments within your business.

5. Do they have operations in the nations I need to hire?

If you partner with a competent EOR company, where they operate becomes the least of your worries. An EOR provider can work from anywhere in the world and ensure delivery.

The Philippines hosts companies that cater to national HR services. The country’s experience with Western nations, cultural compatibility, skilled workforce, and overall cost-effectiveness makes it a great place for businesses to find a company that can provide the best services.

6. What types of services do they offer?

Your needs change as time passes, and so do your requirements. It’d be beneficial to choose an EOR partner who delivers a single seamless platform for all your distributed workforce needs rather than looking for and maintaining several HR solutions.

7. What is the difference between an EOR and a BPO?

An EOR firm handles the administrative and legal duties of hiring people remotely. Your company doesn’t need to set up a local company entity in the country where you want to hire remote workers to comply with local labor laws. The positions and responsibilities filled are directly related to the operational framework of your business.

A business process outsourcing (BPO) subcontracts some business activities to a different vendor as part of their solution.

What to Look for in an Employer of Record (EOR) Company

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Now that you’ve asked the burning questions, you can narrow your search by looking at their responses. Before you partner with them, look at their qualities as an EOR company and see if they match yours. 

Respectable reputation and excellent track record

If your partner prioritizes efficient onboarding procedures, your business can take full advantage of the EOR company benefits, like professional services, expert industry knowledge, and retained employees.

They must offer assistance and subject-matter knowledge for any queries workers may have regarding their job path (contracts, payslips, benefits, taxes, etc.).

Research from the University of Warwick saw that people were 12% more productive when happy. It keeps them comfortable and effective, which is your goal. As such, it’s important to remember that your EOR partner must know the ins and outs of a country and comply with proper labor laws to ensure the appropriate compensation of your employees. 

• Worldwide coverage

When looking for an EOR partner, one of the qualities you should look for is global service. The Philippines boasts some of the most talented professionals in the world. From skills and cost to rapport and experience, Filipinos are one of the most amenable workforces in the world, making them a sound choice for those looking for an EOR provider.

• A balance between automation and human expertise

Technology is changing how EORs find and hire new employees. It’s vital to have the ideal blend of automation and human expertise. Use all-in-one platforms or apps to automate crucial steps in your international hiring process instead of labor-intensive manual procedures that slow progress.

These tools, along with current HR resources, offer on-demand access for instantly preparing reports and examining critical data, delivering a quick but affordable experience for putting together an outstanding team.


Proactivity and quick wit are essential when looking for the top EORs to help your international hiring. Look at the testimonials. Don’t hesitate to inquire about their ability to satisfy your expectations for an onboarding timetable and adapt to changes in the external environment.

Check if they’re flexible and knowledgeable enough to meet your company’s needs, and assess how quickly they respond to queries and how quickly and successfully new hires are integrated.

Stepping Into Global Expansion

Expanding your business is a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you have no idea how to start. Fortunately, partnering with a skilled EOR company helps make the transition seamless and easy. Let the tips above be your Employer-on-Record (EOR) guide to help you choose your next partner.

One CoreDev IT is an offshore EOR company in the Philippines that helps you with your HR solutions and back-office services. No matter where you are, One CoreDev IT pairs you with highly-skilled and competent Filipino workers, accurately matched to your business needs.

Check out our FAQ page for other questions you may have. Otherwise, contact us to learn more about our services.

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