5 Reasons Why Customers Hate Calling Tech Support

customer calling for tech support

Few people in the world do not own gadgets or other technological devices. Each device has a complex body and functionality that works with the overall model. Your device could malfunction completely with just one small issue. In order to keep a well-functioning equipment in their daily lives, many customers rely on technical assistance.

Everyone yearns for knowledgeable and trustworthy IT support. When your device malfunctions and you start looking up fixes, it is annoying. However, you must rely on calling tech support if you aren’t making any progress.

Customers typically detest having to follow confusing and erroneous directions from tech help. According to HubSpot data, 33% of customers are irritated when they have to wait on hold or repeat themselves to multiple representatives. As a result, you must start creating a better technical support experience for your clients as a result.

Here are the top five (5) complaints from users about calling for technical assistance.

customer calling for technical support

The Most Common Technical Support Issues

1. Landlines: A Frustration Point

Even though landlines are still needed to reach customer service, more people now choose mobile phones because smartphones are so common.

Prior to speaking with a tech support professional, consumers can follow steps on a phone menu by pressing 1 for this issue or 2 for that query. When dialing for technical assistance, the horror begins here.

2. Long Delays

For the aforementioned reasons, clients must wait in a long line for tech support. Customers have been shown to find the misery of waiting for their turn with the repeating on-hold music and content annoying. Think about standing in line for more than ten minutes and still not getting the expected level of service. This will undoubtedly lead to a negative review or, worse, service termination.

3. Scripted Responses

Customers already hate waiting on hold for a long time, but it’s even worse when customer service reps can’t be understood.

Although scripts are important for basic training, there are occasionally scenarios that are not covered. Off-script events always result in complete chaos. This situation catches an agent off guard, thus demonstrating their unreliability to assist.

Although following a rehearsed response works well, not all circumstances call for off-script reactions.

4. Complex Terminologies

Scripted responses contain technical jargon that some clients may find confusing. Customers find it harder to follow instructions when the technical language is more intricate.

They would want tech support representatives to translate technical phrases for them. Customers will find it easier to understand and follow instructions if they are written this way.

5. Upselling

Just as significant as the beginning is the conclusion. When a customer calls tech support, it’s also upsetting to be sold upgrades or told that they need to upgrade to fix their problem.

Customers seek quick and simple solutions to their issues. It can be aggravating to offer them a solution that would include paying for a good or service. It is preferable to offer them a simple answer before attempting to sell them on your goods or service.

confident technical support member

Methods to Enhance Your Technical Support

Technical support might be challenging at times. You must make sure that the technical support staff provides excellent service to your clients. Check out these three (3) useful ways to improve your technical support process.

1. Use chat-based and social media as a go-to channel for support

There are 4.70 billion active social media users around the world, which makes social media the best and most convenient way for customers to get technical help from support specialists.

A strong social media brand also lets companies interact with their customers using educational and entertaining content like graphics, videos, and even content made by users.

Dark Social, meanwhile, offers numerous instant messaging services, including Telegram, Viber, WeChat, and WhatsApp. Without the interruption of social media, it is now simpler to communicate with clients thanks to these apps. These programs also provide audio and video messages, which makes it simpler for users to follow instructions.

Lastly, one of the best things about social media and chat-based help is that users can quickly summarize the details to solve their problems without having to call tech support over and over.

2. Write a script in simple language

Technical jargon might be confusing to certain clients because not everyone is familiar with it. Making scripts that the majority of people can understand is a different option. Customers don’t even have to leave their homes to follow directions and fix technical problems on their own.

Simple language is essential when writing scripts for technical support representatives, who need to explain complicated issues in a simple way so that customers will understand them better.

The main goal of creating scripts is to make sure that customers can understand what they need to do and why they need to do it. In other words, writing clear instructions helps customers solve problems on their own without having any doubts about what they should do next or what steps are needed during the process of fixing an issue by themselves.

3. A support team with a neutral accent

One of the most common mistakes companies make when creating a support team is hiring people with heavy accents. This can be quite frustrating for customers who have to ask experts to repeat instructions all the time because they don’t understand them.

It is advised to steer clear of them as they might be irksome for both the customer and the expert. A generic script with straightforward language is one answer, but it would be preferable to have a team that speaks in a neutral accent.

In order to further improve the specialist’s communication skills, another strategy is to add speech enunciations and accents as they are being trained.

Key Takeaways

Technical support is essential to a company’s success. Even though it could be hard to manage, it helps improve the relationship between a business and its customers.

Remember that if you want to improve your technical support skills, you need to look at what your business needs and try out what works and what doesn’t. Find an offshore company that can help your business run at the highest level and meet your needs.

When looking for an offshore company, it is always best to hire one that is familiar with your industry. It will help them understand your business needs better and provide better service overall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why is using complex technical terminology a common complaint in tech support?

Technical jargon in scripted responses can confuse customers, making it harder for them to follow instructions. A customer-friendly approach involves translating technical phrases into simpler language, making it easier for users to comprehend and resolve issues.

Q2: How can technical support teams improve communication skills?

Ensuring a support team speaks in a neutral accent and avoiding heavy accents in customer-facing roles can enhance communication. Additionally, incorporating speech enunciations and accents into training programs helps specialists communicate effectively with a diverse customer base.

Q3: What are some effective methods to enhance the technical support process?

Employing chat-based and social media support as primary channels allows for faster and more convenient assistance, considering the vast number of active users on these platforms. Crafting scripts in simple language ensures customers can understand instructions easily, promoting self-resolution of issues. Building a support team with a neutral accent further improves communication and customer satisfaction.

Q4: Why is upselling during tech support calls frustrating for customers?

Customers calling for technical support seek quick and straightforward solutions to their issues. The practice of upselling, especially before addressing the primary problem, can be aggravating for users. Offering a simple solution first before suggesting additional services enhances the overall customer experience.

Q5: How does One CoreDev IT (CORE) ensure a personalized technical support experience?

One CoreDev IT (CORE) prioritizes understanding each client’s unique needs and tailors programs accordingly. Their Employer of Record (EOR) services, backed by skilled professionals, aim to provide top-notch technical support, fostering a strong relationship between businesses and their customers.

Modern technology provides a wide range of options that can help you with your tech support needs. It is crucial to work with a service provider who can give your clients and business what they need.

One CoreDev IT (CORE) makes sure that each client’s program fits their needs and wants. Our Employer of Record (EOR) services are second to none, and the people we hire are skilled professionals eager to serve our clients.

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