One CoreDev IT Achieves Great Place To Work® Certification™ 

One CoreDev IT Achieves Great Place To Work® Certification™

Metro Manila, April 2024 — One CoreDev IT (CORE) proudly announces its official Great Place To Work® Certification for 2024-2025. This recognition is a testament to the exceptional workplace environment we’ve cultivated, as validated by the overwhelming positive feedback from our dedicated team. This year, an impressive 91% of our employees have voiced their satisfaction, affirming CORE as a Great Place To Work®! 

As a globally recognized authority on workplace culture and employee experience, Great Place To Work® Certification™ goes beyond a mere title—it underscores the commitment to nurturing an environment where everyone can thrive. Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Vice President of Global Recognition at Great Place To Work®, underscores the significance of this certification, which is solely based on real-time feedback from employees about their workplace culture.  

What Makes One CoreDev IT (CORE) a Great Place To Work 

At CORE, our goal is to ensure that we provide a great workplace for our team members. We believe in the power of our people because they are the CORE of our company, and their feedback is instrumental in shaping our journey towards excellence. We aspire to create an environment where every individual feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive professionally and personally. 

An excellent workplace benefits not only our organization but also our clients. When partnering with CORE, clients gain access to a team that is not only highly skilled but also deeply fulfilled. This fulfillment translates into superior professional services, as employees who feel valued and supported are more motivated to deliver exceptional results. 

Great Place To Work® Survey Highlights 

  • 98% of CORE employees overwhelmingly agree that they are given the necessary resources and equipment to perform their job effectively. 
  • Trust in CORE’s safety measures is high, with 94% of employees confident that it is a physically safe place to work. 
  • Employees are highly satisfied with how approachable and easy it is to talk with the CORE management, with 94% expressing their satisfaction. 
  • 94% of employees believe they can take time off from work when it’s necessary, demonstrating strong support for work-life balance. 
  • Treating all employees fairly, regardless of race, is a priority at CORE, as evidenced by the 94% of employees who affirm this commitment. 

Jonathan, our CEO, expresses his delight at achieving this certification: “We are thrilled to receive this recognition, which underscores our commitment to nurturing a culture of inclusivity, growth, and excellence. This achievement is a testament to the collective dedication and passion of our team, and we are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together.” 

Echoing Jonathan’s sentiment, Lulette, our President, remarks on the journey toward creating an exceptional workplace: “Our pursuit of excellence has been guided by our shared values and a deep appreciation for the unique talents each individual brings. Being acknowledged as a Great Place To Work® reaffirms our belief that investing in our people is key to our success. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every member of our team for their contributions to making CORE a truly exceptional workplace.” 

As we celebrate this significant achievement, CORE remains committed to continuously enhancing the employee experience, fostering innovation, and empowering every individual to reach their full potential. 

For inquiries or further information, please reach out to info@onecoredevit.com.

One CoreDev IT Achieves Great Place To Work® Certification™

About One CoreDev IT (CORE) 

One CoreDev IT (CORE) is an Employer of Record (EOR) company in the Philippines  offering comprehensive talent solutions for companies seeking Filipino talent. CORE excels in the seamless facilitation of international recruitment needs, ensuring employers can swiftly and efficiently hire skilled professionals without the burden of establishing a legal entity in the Philippines. What sets CORE apart is its deep-rooted Filipino experience and foundation, providing invaluable insight into local market dynamics and cultural nuances. CORE leverages its expertise to ensure access to qualified candidates, compliance with local regulations, and smooth operations, making it a trusted partner for business expansion.   

About Great Place to Work® Certification™ 

Great Place To Work® Certification™ is the most definitive “employer-of-choice” recognition that companies aspire to achieve. It is the only recognition based entirely on what employees report about their workplace experience – specifically, how consistently they experience a high-trust workplace. Great Place To Work® Certification™ is recognized worldwide by employees and employers alike and is the global benchmark for identifying and recognizing outstanding employee experience. Every year, more than 10,000 companies across 60 countries apply to get Great Place To Work® Certified™.  

About Great Place To Work® 

As the global authority on workplace culture, Great Place To Work® brings 30 years of groundbreaking research and data to help every place become a great place to work for all. Their proprietary platform and For All™ Model helps companies evaluate the experience of every employee, with exemplary workplaces becoming Great Place To Work® Certified™ or receiving recognition on a coveted Best Workplaces™ List.  

Learn more at greatplacetowork.com and follow Great Place To Work® on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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